What is the meaning of this ?

I have asked this question almost every day of my life.  Lately I have been writing multiple things on multiple topics,  some of them funny,  the rest of them almost as funny.  I went back today to re-read these based on looking for the answer to this question,  and I realized all have a common theme that lies beneath the surface.   Why are we here and what is the point to us being here?    Is it to be good to our fellow man ?  To make sure that the good guys always win and evil is defeated back to where they came from ?   Or is it simply to enjoy the little things that life gives us without complaining about it to anyone who will listen ?

Yes, I have many questions, and I am sure you do too.   I have been jotting down memories of the first time I felt this way, and landed around 1970,  which happens to coincide with my introduction to Catholic school,  but certainly that can’t have anything to do with it,  can it ?

I am continuing to see signs surrounding me on this tiny globe that happens to be the correct distance from the Sun to sustain life.  Surely that cannot be an accident, can it ?

Join me as I go down the road to understanding what life is all about.   What are the true mysteries,  such as where did I come from,  why did I choose here and those around me,  and where can I get good take out food ?

I have notes and notes on this and have begun the task of compiling all into a testament of what matters, perhaps what does not matter, and having the ability to put them into the correct perspective.

I do know that we were all meant to enjoy the life we have been given,  even if it is the 500th time we have gone down this path, and have been kicking it since the Roman Empire.    Perhaps my telling of this will help you with that.

To close this out,  let the photo below tell you how enjoying life is supposed to be done..  She teaches me this every day.      More to come,  and if you have any nuggets of how you find life to have to meaning for you,  feel free to share and you may win a trip to Cleveland.