Time to get focused…..again….

Behold, the 2016 version of rooting for a football and baseball team at the same time,  without going insane.    Apologies for those that do not not follow sports,  the below may read like another language.     It is…….


So here we are, one year later.  Last year, the Mets surprised us all and made it to the World Series, as we dissected an elaborate plot for Mr. Berkman to maintain a split focus for BOTH the Mets and Giants games.   The plan worked well, but alas, fell short as the Mets fell to Royalty in the World Series.

Before we get to this year’s current status, let me state that this year is the 30th anniversary of both the Giants and the Mets winning the championship in the same year.  Could lightning strike again?

On to 2016, as we head into the meat of the split focus season, with the added wrinkle of the signing of Tim Tebow to the Mets instructional team.   This distraction does not help with keeping focus on the 2 teams at hand.   It creates Tri Focus, which could create headaches, distemper, and the propensity to drink more.   On the other hand, the man does bring a winning tradition with him.  Even though he will not throw the ball for the Giants, or swing a bat for the Mets, he creates good Karma in the sports world, and he could be just the good luck charm the Mets need.   Well that and jersey sales.

The Giants are off to a good start at 2-0, as opposed to 0-2 last year.  We will get to them in a bit.

The Mets are down to their final 12 games, currently sitting at 80-70 with the Division out of reach to the Nationals.  Last year at this time we were looking at the Division title in hand and the upcoming Divisional series with the Dodgers.  This year they are battling for one of the 2 Wild Card Spots, currently looking like a 3 team race for 2 spots.  The other 2 teams?  Only the Cardinals and the SF Giants.   The Mets, Cards and Giants are the only 3 teams in the NL to be in the World Series in the past 6 years, and here they are duking it out for the right to have 2 of them play each other in the one game showdown to see who will face the  best team in baseball, the Cubs.

But first things first, they have to get there, and this is how it currently looks:

Mets 80-70

Cards 79-71

SF Giants 79-71

This is going to be close, and will demand great focus.   That will be a problem come Sunday, Sept 25th.

Before then, the Mets have both the Braves and Phillies at home, sub .500 squads where all games are winnable.  The Mets schedule is quite favorable over the last 12 games.

On to Sunday, where the split focus will be at its worst.  The Mets host the Phils at 1:10 pm, while AT THE SAME TIME the NY Giants host the Redskins at 1 pm.   You want to go 3-0 at home if you are a Giants fan, but you need the Mets to make the playoffs.  The best you can hope for is a Giants dismantling of their NFC East foe to place the focus back on the Mets, but there is no guarantee in the NFL.  At least you do not have to scoreboard watch the Cardinals and baseball Giants as both play later in the day.  The Giants at 4 pm and the Cards at night against the Cubs. This will be a long day for sure, so be prepared and hydrated.   An extra hoagie the night before may do the trick.

As grueling a day as that sounds, from here on out the sports scheduling gods shall shine upon you like a Tim Tebow kneel down that does not insult the flag.


The final week of the baseball season looks like this:

The Mets go on the road, but it is against Miami and again the Phillies, all winnable games.   The final day of the regular season is Sunday, October 2nd, and wouldn’t you know it, the Football Giants play on Monday night, October 3rd, playing at the Vikings.   Praise the Lord, pass the Nachos.

BEWARE THE DOOMSDAY SCENARIO!!!!!!  Always trying to cover all angles of the post season scenario, there is a possibility of a 3 way tie for the Wild Card.   If that is the case, there could be a Mets game on Monday Night coinciding with the Football Giants – Vikings game.    But I say FEAR NOT!   All remember 30 years ago when the Mets won the World Series on Monday night while the Giants also played, beating the Redskins,  the same Redskins they also defeated to get to the Super Bowl in 1986.

30 years later, and with Tim Tebow, they cannot LOSE!!!!

Assuming the Mets win a Wild Card spot in the regular season, the NL Wild Card playoff game is on Wednesday, October 5th.   The Football Giants will need to be forgotten for a while as the Mets may have to handle the Baseball Giants that night.    I suddenly feel Iike I am in the middle of a Who’s on First 2016 post season.

Now it gets really tough.  A win in the Wild Card playoff sends you to Chicago, the very team you beat to make the World Series last year.   This is a tall task with a depleted pitching staff against a team and city seeking revenge.   You will need all focus you have mustered over the past 30 years, without much rest as the NLDS would begin in Chicago on Friday, October 7th.  Scheduling does fall in your favor once again (Thanks to Tim Tebow of course)   See below.

Game 1 NLDS at Chicago –  Friday, 10/7

Game 2 NLDS at Chicago –  Saturday, 10/8

Travel Day is Sunday – 10/9  –   Giants have a Sunday night game at Green Bay

Game 3 NLDS in New York – Monday,  10/10

So at least you will not have both teams playing at the same time, as you will need all focus for the Cubs.    I dare try to move past this Series as we all know what a tall order that will be, but let me peek ahead if the Miracle of all Miracles does occur.


THE NLCS (Against either Dodgers or Nationals most likely)

Game 1 – Saturday 10/15

Game 2 – Sunday night 10/16      (The Giants host the Ravens in a 1 pm kickoff, so not at the same time)

Moving forward a bit:

Game 7 of the NLCS is also Sunday night, 10/23.   The Giants are playing the Rams that day in ENGLAND, with a 9:30 am ET kickoff.   Imagine if that actually happened!!!   Could the Mets go to the World Series again on the same day the Giants play in another country?       Is this too much to pray to Tim Tebow for???  IS IT I ASK????


Finally, the World Series.   We begin on Tuesday, 10/25 and conclude with Game 7 on Wed, November 2nd.    The Sunday game is Game 5, on October 30th.    And with it, a Giants BYE week.

All attention and focus could be placed on the World Series this year as the Giants do not play for the entire duration of the World Series.

And who is that I see as a possible Mets opponent in the 2016 World Series?   Why none other than the Boston Red Sox, their foe back in 1986.

And who is that I see as the defending Super Bowl Champion in the NFL as the possible Super Bowl opponent for the Giants?  The Denver Broncos, the same team they defeated 30 years ago as well.

And who used to be the QB for the Broncos?

None other than TIM TEBOW !!!!!    I can see him rooting on the Giants in the Super Bowl in his new NY Mets instructional team jersey, sitting next to Peyton Manning, who would be rooting for Brother Eli one year after bringing home the Super Bowl for the Broncos.

A fairy tale you say?  Of course it is.  But so is signing Tim Tebow to any sports contract.   I will let John Lennon close this one out:


                                                  You may say I’m a dreamer

                                                   But I’m not the only one

                                                   I hope someday Tim will join us

                                                   And the World Series and Super Bowl will be as one



Disclaimer :  I realize all of the above is completely insane,  but remember the name of the Lennon song…….   IMAGINE