Careful, sharing this post may be illegal soon…

It is 2016,  and there is a lot of shit going on in the world now.  A Presidential election where it feels like we have to vote for the last 2 people left that did not get picked for the kickball game,  terrorist attacks on a weekly basis around the globe,  we are shooting each other up in record numbers trying to prove whose life matters most,  but that will not stop us from going outside and catching Pokemon on our phones.

I believe ALL of this is a distraction from the bigger issue,  that it is now a Federal Crime to share your Netflix or HBO GO passwords.   Holy binge streaming roadblocks Batman !   They can take away my right to vote, drink, or GMO labeling so the foods I eat are 3 times the size of when I was a kid,  but they cannot take away my right to let you watch all 120 episodes of Lost on my account.  For this,  I will take my stand with remote in hand !

Netflix and HBO are not taking a stance on this, for obvious reasons.  They are too busy filming their fine programming for next season.

I would like to see who gets assigned to enforce this in our hallowed halls of justice.    The job title has been noted as Password Enforcer Unit To Radicate Indignant Derelicts,  otherwise known as PEUTRID.    This task force is being hired right out of college, given a badge,  no money, but an unlimited supply of energy drinks and loaded weapons.

I have found the punishment list on a secret website called

1st offense –   Your Netflix account is suspended for the weekend and you are given 3 VHS tapes of your choice,  but failure to rewind them is still 50 cents per tape.

2nd offense –  Life in Prison.   You will get your own cell block, as none of the murderers or rapists will want anything to do with you.

3rd offense –   You are forced to watch a constant loop of one of the finest shows ever made that was cut short to only 8 episodes,  MANIMAL.    You don’t believe me,  check out this clip…..    (The best part is the look on the Lion’s face, as if saying “they made this a fucking show ?)

Well don’t say I did not warn you. I am always looking out for people’s best interests.  Actually it is dogs first, and people 2nd.

Be careful out there if you decide to share a password with a loved one, a complete stranger, or a man who turns into a baboon.    But DO NOT STOP sharing, otherwise , the terrorists win..




I met Petunia yesterday,  another rescue dog staying at the Hatteras Island Pet resort.   As so many of these stories do,  hers also broke my heart.   Rather than focus on what has happened to her so far in life,  you have to look ahead to what we can do now and in the future.   Doing the only thing I knew I could do,  I took her for a walk on the beach this morning.

She was certainly a lighter load than Tracy was,  and took to the sand in no time.  We had a nice trot going soon and she was in heaven.   So sweet and grateful to be out in the big blue world we live in. She is super affectionate and anyone would be lucky to have her as their dog.  She kept looking back at me as if saying “Is this for real?”  and all I could keep saying was “Good girl” .   Dogs can grab hold of your heart pretty quickly,  and Petunia will do this for you.

Everyone we know also knows our dog Summer.   She is the happiest dog on the planet as many have remarked meeting her.    All we can do as owners is give her the best life possible,  kind’ve like what we should all be doing for each other out there.

Dogs teach us many things.  Summer has,  Tracy did,  and now Petunia is too.  She deserves an owner that will make her the happiest dog on the planet.   Whoever that owner is,  and I truly believe she will find one in no time,  prepare yourself for many kisses…


What a week in music

Angel and I had a chance to hear two incredible groups of musicians this week,  a mere 48 hours apart.

Tuesday night was En Power & Light, a trio that travels the country doing what they love to do,  taking as little as possible with them and leaving behind memories and inspirations for others to do the same.

Last night we met Sean Bendula,  a solo guitarist with a sound that makes you stop whatever you are doing and listen.

Rather than ramble on about both of them,  listen to their music and pass it on..    2 songs stuck with me.

EPL’s  “Believe”, which can be heard here.           ( “Take a chance on yourself”)

Sean’s “The Light” ,  which can be heard here :  

(“It feels like I’m where I need to be”)

It was a pleasure to meet both of you this week and we look forward to seeing you on the island again….




The 2016 Summer island survival guide.

Welcome to July and the height of summer.   I had several ideas for what to name this, such as :

Summer Island Guide of 2016,  2016 Survival guide for living on an Island,  Island Survival for Idiots,    Making it to Labor Day without a record,   you get the point.

So here it is,  17 ways to make it through living on an 800 yard stretch of land with 800,000 visitors.


Or as I like to call it, the 2016 TVSGTGYTTFWKS. (That acronym may never catch on)

  • Make a left turn at any place without looking or waiting
  • Ride a golf cart on the bike path with at least 27 passengers.
  • Swim in the ocean with open cuts and a bright yellow bathing suit. Thrash about freely calling many others over to join in the fun.
  • Wave any flag you like off the back of your truck, letting your toddler Willy wave it without any seat restraint. You will look cool and make you feel extra patriotic like.
  • Dig a hole at the beach big enough to kill your entire family, and then don’t fill it in so you can kill someone else’s family too.
  • Ride rip currents all the way to Portugal
  • Drive 70 in a 35 mph zone, flipping off the state trooper as you pass.
  • Pass on the right as much as possible. Bonus if you see bikers not using the bike path.
  • Build a fire directly on the Dune, lighting fireworks and pointing them at the roof of anyone’s beach house.
  • Throw random vegetables at any ice cream truck playing either Silent Night or O Come all Ye Faithful.
  • Go to a highly populated sunset spot and talk about nothing through the entire thing.
  • Drive around as loudly as possible while revving engine for extra noise. Even better if you are cruising around at 10 pm when the only thing that is open is the Mosquito truck.
  • Decorate your beach spot with as many emblems as you can that identify that :
  • Your state is the best
  • Your team is the best
  • Your sand castle is the best
  • The hole you just dug is the best
  •  Fish directly where there are many swimmers.   They taste great on the grill with some lemon and butter.
  •  Go to the beach and play the Go Go’s “Vacation” as loud as you can on a repeat loop for 3 to 5 hours.
  •  Visit any store and ask them if they have beer.  Leave immediately without purchasing anything. Bonus if you go in on a Sunday morning and argue with them until Noon.  (Side note :  There are no beer sales in NC until Noon on Sunday, by decree of God)
  •  Randomly appear at any oceanfront pool, declaring yourself as Uncle Ned and apologizing for being late.   Jump in the deep end and watch the looks of horror.  It helps if you have an empty bottle of Mad Dog 20-20 and a tattoo that reads America Sucks.