Where will you be on Monday night ?

A once in a lifetime spectacle will take place on Monday,  and I don’t mean something on television.   All you need to hope for is a clear night.    For the only time in many of our lifetimes the Summer Solstice will coincide with a Full Moon,  with the Moon rising a mere 6 minutes after the Sun sets, at roughly 8:30 pm.   No matter where you live, try to get yourself to an open space where you can see both events occur.

Magical things are bound to happen,  unless of course you see the glass as half empty, in which case doomsday will occur and we will all perish in a fiery ball of death.  If it is the end of the world as we know it,  I would have to say that I feel fine.

And wouldn’t you know it,  there’s a BIG BIG BIG 50th Birthday the day after for the woman I love,  so if the world is going to end,  can we hold off for 24 hours more ?