Holy Moly !

It is good to see a sense of humor starting to come out this week..


So rise up and fire up that grill !!

Our next one promises to be an active day.   I am signing up for St. Norman’s !!

st norman

This one I am just putting up to see if anyone is reading….  I am heartily sorry for having offended thee !!

st skeeter

Wherever you end up going this weekend, remember what someone wise once said, “Let he who is without a gun be the first to throw up the first skeet”.

Today is 4/4/14

You know what that means… 4/4/14  if you add them all up, comes to 13, which is an unlucky number.  That means someone on the planet will die today.  Wait a second,  it is actually 4/4/2014,  adding up to 15,  so we are safe.  Whew, that was a close one.   People will still die today but it will not be due to the number 13.

You do know why 13 is an unlucky number, don’t you ?  Because somebody told you it was.  Same with your lucky number.  It holds zero value, except for the fact that you believe it is lucky.  If someone asks me for my lucky number,  I tell them 14,873,495.  Safe bet I am the only one with that number, and for that, I feel special.   That and the person who asks me looks at me like I’m insane…

The lesson here (if there is one) is to not believe what people tell you,  question EVERYTHING,  and think for yourself.   13 is not unlucky,  and it is ok to eat meat today.  REALLY,   it is…….