The Greatest Short Story ever told !

where the hell are my kidsWhere the hell are my kids? – A Short Story

If you have the attention span, join me in a journey as we explore the many options our families have to never see each other again.



Remember the good old days of a sit down face to face conversation? When the phone rang and you picked it up without knowing who it was? A holiday spent with family and friends with nothing but laughter and mild sobriety? Or a three hour game of Monopoly without 47 texts, e-mails, tweets, and updated statuses ? (I have to update my FB friends – I just got fucking Boardwalk ! )



You will be interested in this story if this has ever happened to you :


–  You found out your daughter was engaged on Facebook 5 years ago, and just met her prick fiance yesterday.



–  You found out your uncle was in prison on Twitter. And the tweet came to you from his cell mate.


–   There is a Youtube video of your brother getting run over by the bulls in Spain. If that was not bad enough it is already being used in the latest Justin Bieber video.


–    You son’s Pinterests include devil worship and salt water taffy. And you thought he was an altar boy.


–     Your complete medical history of anal fissures has been stolen and posted for all to see on Tumblr.



If any of the above has never happened to you, trust me, it will ! Follow me in my short story as I try to circumnavigate the blink of an eye fast paced world of 2013 in the attempt to see and converse with my 22 and 13 year old daughters.. Can a man born in 1964 keep up with the technology to see his children in time for his 50th birthday?



Stay tuned as the most important short story of our time is told.. Be sure to pass along the news on Facebook or Twitter or texting or e-mail or Tumblr or Reddit or Skype or get that Iphone out of my face !!!


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