Let’s get Political !

I love that Olivia Newton-John song..   Now that the election is only 9 months away, let’s get in the mood with some classic Propositions you may have voted for in 2012.

This vote was closer than you would think…prop 5 uwear

I remember thinking on the next one, Hey, what am I voting for here ?  But what the hell, I voted it down anyway since they told me it would be good for me…. prop7

Finally, no campaign is a good one without some mudslinging..  These folks do it very goodly two, wood ent u say ?mudsling

Original thoughts for New Year

A new world has been born, a new year has begun,  the dawn has broken out from the horizon like it is being chased by the darkness.  We have survived yet another end of the world doomsday, and cast it aside like a Christmas tree after the needles have started to fall.   Now is the time to embrace what is around us, be it a loved one, a dog, or simply the mailman who can probably use it.  The time for wallowing is past us, can’t you see the NFL playoffs before us?  Find that one thing,  get inside yourself and find that one thing that lights you up like that Christmas tree, and shine that light first within yourself, and then share it with the world.   It is within you, and it is within me.  It starts today and can spread like wildfire, or at the very least like a nasty bladder infection.

I have heard that if you change your view of the world that the world changes.  Start with changing your underwear and see where that takes you.   Follow me as we try to make this place we call home a better place to live.

It is way overdue for us to Rise Above what is keeping all of us down.. It starts today dammit,  I say it starts today.

a new world