Summer iz bak !

Daddee iz two bizee dooing hiz fancee new wirk crap so me desided too rite four him again. Eye know yoo hewmans like it moor wen me rite cuz me iz phunnier then Daddee an he can bee quite the prik wen he iz bizee muchly.

Sew me Summer iz dooing very goodly, am awways chasing bunniez but dos fukers are waaaayyyy two fastly fur me.  Dos liddle sqwerels are qwik basdards two. Won uv these days me gonna catch won and he will find he has knew asshole wen me am dun wid him.

Mommee and my kid Anna are allways nicely two me, me like to follo Anna wen she eats cuz she yousually drops stuff for me two eat espeshually pete-sa crusts and bagulls.  I sit wit Mommee wen she iz on her puter an she pets me all day. Me hav her trained az hewmans shud be.

Back to Daddee, dat mizerabel sun uv a femail dogee, me nose he feeds me butt dis mourning he fourgot so me planning on a midnite dump on him wile he go sleepee nigh nigh.  Rite now me am wading four da colosail dooch two go to bed…   It bee reel funnie wen he wake up to mei stink fest !!  It will teech him not to feed me, hahahaha…….

Time two go.. If all gos well, I have die-a-rea wading for Daddee !!

Lader on muther fu— crap hear cums Daddee looken pissed me iz on his puter….

Time two go dig a whole to China !