I look at the calendar and I see it has been 2 weeks since you heard from me.  Don’t worry, Summer is fine, she has been off in the mountains of Tibet searching for her inner puppy.

In many ways I have been doing the same.  We reach points or crossroads in our lives when we wonder what we are doing and are we making any difference.  I will spare you details but instead will submit 2 items from two of my favorite movies. One is a quote, the other the ending scene.

Wall Street : Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.

Here is the second, and pay special attention to the dialogue and what is on the back of the truck.


We’ve all been there, sometimes we just have to slow down enough to listen to the path we are to take. True miracles happen every day, you need to have your eyes open to see them. More humor to come in the days ahead.


Stories for Boys – where can I get it ?

Now that the Olympics are over, many of you many be looking to fill the void in your miserable lives.   Ok, that was uncalled for but I have just the thing to fill that abyss in your stomach.   Fork out the 5 bucks and laugh your ass off to Stories for Boys, now available in so many places that your excuses not to buy it just don’t work anymore, unless you are still re-arranging your sock drawer.

Here we go :  Booklocker, my publisher :

Amazon :

Barnes and Noble :

ITunes :

My favorite book store on the planet.

Get them while they are hot, or at least lukewarm…

Stories for Boys – now available for E-book !

Get it now before it’s too late ! (I have no idea what that means, but it sounds urgent, doesn’t it ?)

Download it on your computer, or your Nook, or your Kindle, or your I-phone, or your GPS in your car, or Netflix or your X-box or your newspaper. You can also now download it directly to your mailbox. Coming soon, the ability to download it directly to your brain’s memory so you don’t even have to read it you lazy bastards..

All for only 5 bucks… That’s the equivalent of a gallon of gas and you don’t have to drive anywhere..



Summer update – do I put her on the show ?

Many of you are probably wondering how my dog is doing, as you are no doubt more concerned with her well being than mine. She did not speak to me for weeks, but after hearing that videos were being shot on her stomping grounds, we are back on speaking terms.

In fact, she is now determined to be in the next episode.  Without being asked she has begun to audition for a guest starring role as soon as possible.  She is trying to prove to me that she can be much more than a dog, as you can see in the following :

My only fear with putting her on camera will be her embarrassing me by either peeing on my face or flinging insults at me that you all have read here previously.

If you want her on the show, let me know here..  I leave it to all of you.


Still waiting….

As we sit and wait for the E-book to come out for Stories for Boys (Yawn)

There is some exciting happenings coming this weekend !   I give you the first episode of :   

Inside my Author’s Nook : A special space holding only literary excellence.

A new show that will give you insight into the inner workings of the writer’s environment never seen before !  I could tell you more but then I would have to kill you …..more to come this weekend.