Father’s Day is coming !

You know what that means.  I was hoping you did so that you could tell me because I do not have a clue anymore.  Here’s a thought.   Tell Dad what you think of him by getting him my new book,  My Grateful Write.  He will laugh his ass off and will probably stop calling you.


If you do happen to care for your Father deeply,  I humble apologize.  I use the word Father there as anyone calling their Dad by that name probably has no sense of humor and would opt to getting the old guy a smoking jacket and not my book.

And if my own kids are reading this, 2 words :  Dune Buggy !


Adventures of Summer – Day 15

Summer has been quite busy coming off her starring role in Star Wars 7 – The Galaxy of the Golden.  In fact, she is turning into quite the Hollywood Diva.  I was able to catch her catching some sun earlier today, before she went off to sign autographs.

She has not been terribly friendly to her owner lately, telling me this morning that I just needed to feed her and then stay the f— out of her way.  Don’t believe me?   I tried petting her and got the following reaction.

Have an amazing weekend, and if you don’t, there’s always next weekend !



Grateful Write Reviews are coming in…

It has been a flurry of activity in the first week of the release of my book.  Reviews are starting to fly in quickly, so I have decided to pull a few that I have pulled off the Web…. By the way, the Web is a scary, scary place.

Denny from Michigan :  I laughed so hard I broke a rib. That prick Fritz owes me an emergency room co-pay !   Go out and buy this thing, but make sure you have insurance first..

Thuygen Nguyen Lao (via translator) :  I have no idea what he’s saying but it sure looks funny.  Waiting for the audio version in Chinese !

Darryl in Georgia :  I have not read anything this funny since War and Peace.  That book took me 10 years to read, I finished this one while feeding the hogs!

Estelle in Waco, Texas :  I spit up my soup reading this !  I think some went through my nose too. Was that too much information?  Fritz owes me a new shirt, and possibly a nose job.

That is all for now.  I will be working on the finishing touches of Stories for Boys this weekend, shooting for a 4th of July release !

Have a great day, or at least one that does not suck.



Adventures of Summer – Day 13

Things have been quite busy lately as my first book was released over the weekend and much promotional activity is ongoing.  This has not sat well with Summer as she has been patiently waiting for her adventures to continue.  See below :

As usual, Summer did not wait around for me and in her spare time taught herself how to fly, or more appropriately, hover. You may be able to see her in the next Star Wars movie : Episode 7 :  The Galaxy of the Golden.   Stay tuned as her fame increases.