Adventures of Summer is only 5 days away.

Get caught up by the excitement buzzing about this unprecedented event.  We will follow my loyal dog as she experiences life in ways never seen before. It may even be readable. When reached for comment about her owner following her around all summer, Summer had this to say :  Get that stinking camera out of my face !



The adventures of Summer – coming May 25th !

Join us here next Friday for the 100 days of Summer as we follow my dog Summer throughout the summer to see what canine hijinks she can get herself into !

The 100 days of Summer starts Memorial Day weekend !  When Summer was tracked down in the woods and asked for her thoughts on this unprecedented account of her life, the attached photo was taken with the following quote from her :  “My owner is such a dick.”

That is all for now, get ready for the summer of Summer !



My Grateful Write Update !

All revisions are off to the publisher !  Book cover design is being worked on as well, it won’t be long now !

Side note : Poetry for Men has been changed to Stories for Boys, and is also finished, but something tells me more content will be added.   Men are just so complex, there is so much more to be said !  You can stop laughing now…


Welcome to Friday !

Happy Friday to all if you are still alive.  If you are dead then it really doesn’t matter.

You can read more about this in my Grateful Write book coming, just look for “Counting the Days Off”.

The basic premise is that this should be a day off for all of us, as no one is working anyway.  Today is a beautiful sunny day on the east coast and I guarantee you anyone that decided to show up for work today does not have their heart in it.

Take the stinking day off, go fly a kite, drop some acid, knit a scarf and wrap it around your crotch.  I don’t care what you do, just stop doing what you really don’t want to be doing anyway.

Going to ride roller coasters.  I will yell for you if you are stuck at your desk.

Have a good weekend, if there is one.


The anatomy of getting a book published.

I could write about this for days as there is much negative vibes out there to consume about traditional vs. self publishing, vanity presses and battles of ego over worthiness to go to print. I will spare you the bullshit and give you how I did it.

1- Write something that makes YOURSELF laugh, and the world will laugh with it.

2 -Find the simplest way to get it into print, thank you to Booklocker for presenting yourself.

3 – Believe in yourself and know you are doing the right thing.

Everything else does not matter.   And stay off the internet message boards, they will confuse the hell out of you, and also show you how pissed off everyone is.

TV might be a good thing to turn off to, unless it makes you laugh…

See you tomorrow, if there is one..



Welcome to the world of books by Tom Fritz

I am excited to be telling you that my first book is currently in the final stages of publishing, and should be out in June of 2012  !!

My Grateful Write takes you through 100 ways to be grateful for this miserable planet we are living on.   More details to come daily as my 2nd book,  Stories for Boys is also lined up for publishing in 2012.

Many more exciting things planned on this site as well, including “The Adventures of Summer”, a free chronicle of the life my dog Summer, written this Summer of 2012.  Confused ?  You can ask Summer when it will be out this Summer.  She is working on it now…

Talk to you soon,   Tom