Day 7 – The adventures of Summer

The first week is over and Summer has now eaten all the pizza.  She has now resorted to eating all of the sporting equipment she can get a hold of.

We will have to take a small hiatus from the Adventures of Summer as tomorrow I will be flying to Myrtle Beach for the wedding of my nephew.  We will resume on Tuesday. Summer breathes a sigh of relief as the minutia of her life can be spared for a few days and her owner will stop following her around with a camera like the buffoon he is.

See all of you next week, unless South Carolina slides in the ocean.  And if it does, I want full credit of calling it first !


Day 6 – The Adventures of Summer

There has been no update for the past 3 days as I have been out on the road searching for my dog, who has stolen my car when I took her to the Vet.  Upon returning from my search today it appears the mystery has been solved.

Summer has been here the past 2 days sleeping off her car stealing escapades after she traded my car in for several pizzas.   The only word I have about that deal come from Mike Tyson:

Summer trades my car for Pizza

It also appears that Summer has been on my couch the past 2 days and she blended in so well I did not notice. See below.

When I told Summer this, she was completely convinced that humans, aside from getting her pizza, did not serve much purpose and were not too bright.

In our next episode, Summer gets arrested for urinating in public.  I know, it makes no sense to me either.

Day 3 – The adventures of Summer

We are well into Memorial Day weekend and Summer has stolen my car.  She has left me several nasty voice mails that I cannot repeat here, as it seems she has also stolen someone’s cell phone.  Late last night I received this picture on my cell phone as it appears she has picked up an accomplice and is hanging out in a pizza shop somewhere in the County. The search continues as it appears her love of pizza has far exceeded the love of her owner.

Day 1 – The Adventures of Summer

I think we can all agree that summer truly begins today, right before Memorial Day weekend.  It is fitting that we would also begin the 100 days of the Adventures of Summer.

No adventure should start for any dog without first having an exciting trip –   To the Vet !

This is a favorite of all dogs, as Summer greatly enjoyed the drive, until she saw where we were going.     

This Vet is in the thriving metropolis of Loysville, PA :  Population 7.  Since this was our first trip there, I stopped in first to check out the cleanliness of the facilities.   When I returned to the car I discovered Summer behind the wheel stealing my car and pulling out of the driveway !

I tried to chase after her but as usual she was too fast, as she is the “fastest dog in the world”.    As she drove away I hear her yell the following which is her favorite movie quote.

Summer’s Credo

Tune in tomorrow as we see where Summer goes with my car!  In the meantime can someone swing by and pick me up? I need a ride …

My Grateful Write update !

Update from the publisher.  The first copy is being printed and is coming to me for approval, so we are still on target for the June 1st release date to the citizens of the general public.

Reserve a copy today, as folks are lining up outside my door as we speak.  Several of them have torches and pitchforks so they may be here for another reason..  Gotta go.



A Glimpse of My Grateful Write

I am hopeful for release on or around June 1, 2012. The entire cover is now approved and all is off to the printers.  I get a copy sent to me for final approval and then it will be out in the world, changing lives and bringing harmony to the planet just like the Hula Hoop did.

Here is the entire cover, including a glimpse of what the book is about, and a bit more about me.

Final Cover


My Grateful Write is off to the printers !

We are finally done with the edits, punctuation, active vs. passive voice, contraction or not to contraction, split infinitives, dangling participles,  UGH !

My Grateful Write is gratefully done and off to be printed.  One more round of review and it will be released to all humans, hopefully by June 1st.  I am excited beyond words, which you can see as I keep typing.

This will be available on Booklocker’s website,, as well as Amazon.

This will be in print form, can be downloaded as a PDF for your computer, and will also be available for the Kindle and the Nook.

I am also having 5 copies done in crayon for those of you that want it that way.  You know who you are…