A day at the beach…

Just a typical summer Saturday in the Outer Banks as you look to the right and the wave of traffic heads north,  and you look to the left and the other wave heads south.   Lola and I waited patiently to cross the road to get to the other side,  knowing the beach was straight ahead.   No impatience in her,   no pulling on the leash,  just a grin up to me saying “We’re in no hurry,  are we ?”

Camera’s were clicking as we passed the Nights in Rodanthe house,  almost as blue as the ocean ahead. But we did not care about that either. There was a lump of sand with our name on it,  biscuits for breakfast,  and new smells all around.  Her nose was covered in sand in no time, content to walk no further and just stop and look around. This dog is smart as a whip, knowing she did not need to go any further than where we were to get what she was looking for. Blue sky, clean air, blue ocean, and biscuits for brunch.

Today’s lesson :  Appreciate the things you have in front of you , the small and simple ones,  and don’t go off looking for other things,  when you have biscuits right in front of you.

As we turned to leave,  a big wave came up and got us both wet..  She looked at me with a grin and another lesson,  never turn your back on the ocean !

Who is helping who ?

I took a walk on the beach today, and decided to take a new friend along with me.   We just met,  and we became instant pals.   She does not walk like the other dogs I have walked, she is not in a hurry, she does not pull on the leash, or get distracted by too many sights and sounds.   She is just happy to be outside.    We walked to the edge of the ocean,  and I could tell she wanted to sit down and take it all in. I felt tell this was the first time she had ever seen the ocean,  as her nose remained up the air breathing it all in. She let me put her arm around her,  and every minute or so would give me a kiss of appreciation.

I thought I was doing her a favor by bringing her here, but when I returned home,  I realized it was her doing me the favor.  We all have scars we carry through life,  but Lola is actually wearing them all over her.   But none of whatever has happened to her in this life mattered on this day at the beach.

She sat and looked out at the waves, and then back at me, and back to the birds,  being in the present moment more than most humans I have ever met.   She was happy to breathe in the salt air,  and let me be with her in absolute silence at the miracle that life brings us every day.   There was no past to dwell on ,  and no future to worry about.    It was now, and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow is another day,  and you better believe we are going back to the beach,  as Lola still has more to teach me.

If you have never had a dog and would ever be considering one to care for and learn from,  look no further than this one. Every day I will get to spend with her is a gift, and I will take whatever I can get.

This is what life is about……

She is not here yet,  but rumor has it she is coming..  I just found out today.  Sometimes we struggle with the meaning of things,  and why certain things have to happen to us and others,  and what we can do about it.

I don’t know what happened to Lola, but she made it out.  She found her way to where she is today,  and all we can do is help her along her road of life to a better place.

I hear some help will be needed, and isn’t that why we are all here?  I help you ,  you help me,  and when someone like Lola comes along who cannot tell her story,  you do what you can and you help her along.

Hearts can be broken by seeing what we see sometimes in this world, until you realize your true power lies in your ability to take someone else’s heart and make them whole again.  Cry for you I might,  but when I am done,  your hug will make it alright.

She’s coming to us in a few days,  and I will let you know more when she does.   Help will be needed,  and this is the difference we can make,  and what life is all about…

We can all turn this around and make it a happy ending,  and that is exactly what we intend to do……


She walked up to me and she asked for a walk.
I asked her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Lola”



Happy 5th of July

Just a quick hello as I continue to work on the ultimate book on what the meaning of life is all about.    Today I dedicate the meaning to a day no one ever talks about,  the 5th of July.   This day ranks right up there with December 26th and the first day you return to work after vacation.   I always thought if you want to do a day of freedom correctly,  eliminate all of the imaginary boundaries we have created and celebrate it with everyone,  not just those wearing red white and blue bathing suits.    I realize this could be an unrealistic utopian dream,  but if we ever did manage to work this out before the year 2200,   think of the day at the beach we would have then,  the size of those fireworks,  and the anthems we would write that could have God shedding his grace on a lot more territory.   We would need it for the extra crowded beaches….

Now don’t get me wrong,  I love fireworks as much as the next guy.   They are a great time to reflect on the past year and ponder the ways you have let your family and friends down,   but as usual,  we limit ourselves on the scope of it all.    There are currently 196 countries in the world.   Why not put our heads together and blow some shit up the right way.    By the time we pull this together,  there could be a wall to our south that we could start with.   Utopia has to start somewhere..

What is the meaning of this ?

I have asked this question almost every day of my life.  Lately I have been writing multiple things on multiple topics,  some of them funny,  the rest of them almost as funny.  I went back today to re-read these based on looking for the answer to this question,  and I realized all have a common theme that lies beneath the surface.   Why are we here and what is the point to us being here?    Is it to be good to our fellow man ?  To make sure that the good guys always win and evil is defeated back to where they came from ?   Or is it simply to enjoy the little things that life gives us without complaining about it to anyone who will listen ?

Yes, I have many questions, and I am sure you do too.   I have been jotting down memories of the first time I felt this way, and landed around 1970,  which happens to coincide with my introduction to Catholic school,  but certainly that can’t have anything to do with it,  can it ?

I am continuing to see signs surrounding me on this tiny globe that happens to be the correct distance from the Sun to sustain life.  Surely that cannot be an accident, can it ?

Join me as I go down the road to understanding what life is all about.   What are the true mysteries,  such as where did I come from,  why did I choose here and those around me,  and where can I get good take out food ?

I have notes and notes on this and have begun the task of compiling all into a testament of what matters, perhaps what does not matter, and having the ability to put them into the correct perspective.

I do know that we were all meant to enjoy the life we have been given,  even if it is the 500th time we have gone down this path, and have been kicking it since the Roman Empire.    Perhaps my telling of this will help you with that.

To close this out,  let the photo below tell you how enjoying life is supposed to be done..  She teaches me this every day.      More to come,  and if you have any nuggets of how you find life to have to meaning for you,  feel free to share and you may win a trip to Cleveland.

Adopt Rosa for Cinco De Mayo !

I have a new favorite.  (Don’t tell Summer)   Shy at first but once you get her out in the open air and the smell of the ocean,  Rosa is transformed into a sniffing, walking, running, stopping, jumping, prancing, happy to be out in the world dog that will make you feel the same.

Every time the Pet Resort brings a new friend in,  they manage to out do the previous one,  and that is a difficult task.   Rosa is smart, quiet, and grateful for all of the attention she is getting and has long deserved.

I could say more, but we will let Bruce take it from here.

Rosa, jump a little higher
Senorita, come sit by my fire
I just want to be your owner, ain’t no liar
Rosa, you’re my stone desire



There’s a new kid in town

Everybody’s talking, there’s a new kid in town, all he needs is some walking…..

His name is Angus,  and as much as we liked Tracy and Petunia,  this dog takes coolness to levels not previously seen.     When the rest of the pups are barking away,  this guy just sits back and tells them all to relax.

You can always tell when someone knows what’s going on without saying a thing.  That is this dude.    I am looking forward to learning a lot from this fellow before someone smart enough realizes there is no finer dog in the land to bring home.

I will tell you this,  if we did not have Summer,  he’d be coming on home with us…..

More to come as we help get this cool cat a permanent crib.